Good Luck Danny

Back in March 2014 I said that Danny Ings would be the first Burnley player since Martin Dobson to earn a full England call-up. It turns out it was Tom Heaton so maybe my crystal ball was slightly distorted. However, I still believe that he will get a first cap and probably sooner rather than later now he is joining Liverpool.

I make no secret of the fact that I am a massive Danny Ings fan, ever since I saw him come off the bench in a reserve game at Chorley against Preston North End. He was relatively unknown back then. I don’t think I knew much about him to be honest. But his feet did the talking. He was quick, agile and had great vision. Which generally mean you should be a decent ball basher.

People have criticised him for running his contract down, but they would have criticised him and the Club more if he’d left before it ended. Footballers can’t win in this department. Damned if they do and damned if they don’t. But can you really blame him for wanting to progress his career? I think its great credit to Burnley Football Club that we keep getting top notch strikers on their way up the ladder. The likes of Jay Rod, Charlie and Fletcher too if I’m being honest. At least we tend not to be getting the journeymen on the way back down. And before anyone mentions he who shall not be named, I have erased him from my memory barring a hat-trick against PNE.

Ings should also be praised for his humility. Few could argue that he has not been a superb ambassador for the Club with his tireless work for local charities and passion for helping kids less fortunate.

I will always be grateful to him for taking the time to send me a get well soon card when I was seriously ill. The fact that my mum wrote to him was quite embarrassing especially as he probably thought I was about ten years old. But no matter. It still cheered me up and one day I hope I will be able to thank him personally.

I am genuinely be sorry to see Danny leave, although my nephew isn’t because he, like his dad, is also a Liverpool fan. But whatever happens he will always be the man who scored the winner against THEM to finally get the monkey off our backs.

I will make one final prediction about our Danny. He will score the winner in the Euro 2016 final.

Once a Claret always a Claret. Good luck Danny.

10 thoughts on “Good Luck Danny”

  1. Anyone who boos him cannot call them self a true fan, thank you Danny for your tireless work and commitment to the club. I wish you all the best in the future, UTC

  2. Once his head was turned and nobody is saying he doesn’t deserve his chance, but once his head was turned – he cut a lonely, frustrated (and frustrating) figure. You have to admire the ability and yet to deny his mental frailties is just silly. Euro final winner? He is 3 places behind 2nd choice. He will mature, improve and progress to a very high level. But for me he always had a soft head. Sort that and he could just be on the park on that day for that final.

  3. As far as I recall the Club took a calculated risk with Ings (to hold onto him and run down the contract) on the basis his goals would keep us up. It didn’t work out but I have no issue with him and wish him well – another striker from the TM conveyor belt moves on. The problem now is replacing Ings with a credible alternative if we are to live up to our “2nd favourites” billing – I assume the market expects Dyche to act rather than rely on Vokes paired with one of our current squad in the long term absence of Barnes. Be good to see some solid investment in the playing side now we have repaid debt and retaken ownership of TM and Gawthorpe. Great news re Heaton by the way.

    1. Now that we have said goodbye to Ings, can somebody put into words what losing Kieran Trippier will mean?

      1. Good shout Bill altho hopefully we have a credible alternative. Don’t know too much about Lowton – my Villa contacts suggest he has quality but was put down the pecking order after not being able to keep his debut season form going. He now has another chance but Tripps will be a tough act to follow so he has his work cut out, not only defensively but as a key source of assists. Fingers crossed………

      2. 15-20+ assists per year and another talented player lost, I really liked Tripps and sad to see him leave, but I think that if Kane stays at Spurs and Tripps establishes himself as a starter then it would be worth a few bob on kane being top scorer next year!! Hopefully Matty Lowton can emulate Tripps and become a great provider!!

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