Football Blogging Awards: Thanks for your support

We Burnley fans have had good practise at our gracious loser faces of late – and they were required at this week’s Football Blogging Awards.

About a month ago we received the amazing news that No Nay Never had been shortlisted for ‘Best Football Podcast’ – and we’d have to dig out something presentable to wear at the awards ceremony in Manchester!

It really was a huge honour. The shortlist is determined by supporters votes, so as you might expect it’s dominated by the better supported teams. Our category had three Liverpool podcasts, one from Arsenal and another from Tottenham.

So thank you so much for getting us there. More than 30,000 votes were made altogether in the nomination stage and it was incredible to see so many coming in for us, as well as all your best wishes.

No Nay Never
No Nay Never

Come the big night on Thursday, four of us turned up at the National Football Museum in Manchester representing No Nay Never – pictured above from left to right: Michael, myself, Jamie and Adam.

After the host’s intro, the sponsor’s exclusive reveal of their new product – a shirt made into a bag, don’t ask – it was on to the awards.

The Wolves Fancast team
The Wolves Fancast team

First up in our category was the fan’s vote, which went to the excellent Arsenal fans at Bergkamp Wonderland. Our second opportunity was the judges award. Esteemed football writers such as Oliver Kay, Iain Macintosh, Richard Askam and more decided on the also very-well-deserving Wolves Fancast as their winner. As if defeat wasn’t enough, the guys from Wolves happened to be sat at our table, so we had to keep those ‘gracious loser’ faces up for the rest of the night!

So we didn’t win, but it was a real honour to make the shortlist – and it just means we have to make the podcast bigger and better so we come away victorious next year!

Check out all the winners in all the categories and the FBAs site.

A thriving community

The FBAs football blogging community bloggers

More than just a celebration of the best football blogs in each category, these awards were a celebration of the amazing football blogging community. In the room were hundreds of football fans who give up their spare time to talk and write about the game they love. I might be a little biased, but I think much of the what the blogging community does is much better than the ‘proper’ media.

And best of all, it really is a strong community. Collaboration is a big part of the football blogging world and bloggers are always working together to get the best insight into the game for their readers and listeners. That’s why we often have opposition fans writing about their game on the site, and as often as possible we have an opposition fan on the podcast talking about what they made of the last match from the other side. Everybody is more than happy to help out someone else, even though they get nothing from it themselves.

Thank you

Even though we didn’t win, I’m still going to make time for some thank yous.

We’ve been overwhelmed by the support you guys – our readers and listeners – have given us over the last couple of months. You’ve taken time to vote, you’ve encouraged other people to vote, wished us the best and told us how great you think we are. Thank you so, so much for all of that. It makes a massive difference, I can assure you.

Thanks also to everybody who has got involved with the site or the podcast. There are five of us in the NNN steering group, and with full time commitments of our own we couldn’t do it without you. There’s nothing we love more than getting an email from somebody who wants to write something for us, or a tweet asking if there’s space on the podcast panel. No Nay Never wouldn’t be possible without you – so thanks so much. If you want to get involved, drop us an email.

And thanks to our sponsor Neville Gee. None of us make any money at all from the site – we do it purely for the love of it. We will never be one of those sites that are 95% ads, but running a busy site like NNN can get expensive. Neville Gee is a local company who wanted to help cover the cost of running the site and the podcast. So thanks Neville Gee for your continued support.

Here’s to another successful year for NNN and the Clarets!

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  2. Congratulations for deservedly being up there and in amongst the best of them. All concerned AND Neville Gee deserve all the plaudits. Keep up the great work.

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