Video: We Are These People

We Are These People will be shown on the big screen during half time this afternoon during the Derby game at Turf Moor. Keep your eyes peeled.

Special thanks to Burnley FC for their support and to everybody who turned out to be in the film – especially the Rovers fans who came along and wore their colours outside Turf Moor last Saturday!

You can also read the words of We Are These People, or read why we made the film.

What do you think of our derby day video? What does the derby mean to you? Comment below.

0 thoughts on “Video: We Are These People”

  1. good that boys, lets hope we can end this silly hoodoo with them down the road this year and leave them in the Championship and get promotion ourselves

  2. Good compostion delivered in a way that suggested heartfelt but not to serious (unlike all BBC stuff of this ilk). Well done.

  3. I love it, an evolution of a rivalry, no more fuck wits, no more violence. Good football, good banter, best team wins on the day and live with the shame, if you’re on the wrong end of glory. I have Rovers fans as friends and its always been this way for me, we have a great club, we are due a victory this year, but honestly, as this blog has covered, dare I say, there are more important things for the club than beating Blackburn this season.

  4. Good video with a real message good , I find it nice that Blackburn fans wore their colours outside the Turf still want to win can’t wait till Sunday up the clarets!

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